What to Wear Maternity

Clingy, stretchy fabric
Form fitting dresses or skirts
Long Necklaces, special jewelry items
Tops that gather under breasts to show the definition line of boobs vs belly Fitted tank top with a textured open sweater
Bandeau top with open style cardigan
Mens dress shirt left open around belly
Soft, semi transparent scarves or fabric pieces
Whatever makes YOU feel beautiful

The point of a maternity shoot is to show off your beautiful baby bump, so we will accentuate it in posing and hand placement, but your wardrobe choices make a difference.

Your hands and nails will be in many shots and some very close. Make sure they are clean and well hydrated. You don’t want to have old, chipped polish, hangnails or dry scaly fingers in your photos. Choose whatever color polish screams your name or just plain clean nails are both fine.

Your hair and makeup should look like yours. Choose a style that you often wear and can easily do. You don’t want to stress out the day of your shoot about a new hairdo or makeup technique. Even if you don’t typically wear makeup, a little concealer under the eyes and light powder to hold off shine are recommended. A little mascara and sheer lip gloss can go a long way too. Bring your makeup and a mirror for quick touchups. A brush and hairspray are good too.

Shoes: I often photograph bare feet, but if you opt for shoes during your session, make sure they are clean and dirt free. No one wants dirty shoes in there pictures. If you are wearing heels, make sure to bring some flats or flip flops too to give your feet a little break.

What else to bring: Special baby items (shoes, toys, blankets). Anything with baby’s name is good or a special book you plan to read baby.